SMART IOT card has professional technical support,diverse functions,and guaranteed security

Global network coverage

The IOT card network is of good quality,and we have China Mobile as our Great friendly business partner,which has the world's largest and most extensive Internet of Things network.

Equipment cloud data management

Real-time monitoring and management of the status and operation of the intervention equipment,and remote operation of the equipment.

API interface improvement

Develop a complete API interface and provide a virtual online debugging tool to facilitate developers to debug such as device access.

Strict data confidentiality

Data transmission is safe and reliable, and a dedicated data transmission channel is provided on the network side through VPN or physical dedicated line.

Flexible billing methods

Adapt to the trial period + silence period according to the life cycle,provide flexible billing methods such as traffic pools and refueling packages to meet the needs of different business processes.

Intelligent IoT makes operation more convenient